Feature Friday - Priscilla Quevedo

Many creatives find that even though they start off with one form of creative expression, their paths will eventually lead them to other forms. That is very evident with our creative, Priscilla Quevedo, with whom we had the pleasure of having a Q&A session for our Feature Friday segment. Priscilla is a dynamic creative force on the Art Nest team who co-leads the toddler art sessions, teaches Canvas & Cocktails as well as the newly added baking classes. If you’ve been lucky enough to grab one of her cake pops at the studio before they go, you’d be privy to experience a bit of her culinary skills. She is also an event planner and decorator extraordinaire. Read more to get an insight into Prisc

Three Helpful Tips How To Market Your Art

So you’ve taken the recent WordPress Boot camp class at Art Nest and have used (or are using) that knowledge to set up your website to showcase your artwork. Now you want to be able to attract a following so that your work will be seen by more than family and friends. At this point, you may feel overwhelmed because you’re not a marketing guru. Don’t panic, you can still successfully market yourself with these three following tips. Find Your Target Audience Your target audience is the set of demographics who will most be interested in your products and who are willing to help you to monetize your artwork. This is a very important step and if you neglect to find out who your target audience is

Feature Friday - Kathryn Lloyd

Art can be a powerful unifying tool. We consider ourselves at Art Nest very privileged to have attracted so many fine artists wherever they may be on their creative journey. Today we have a Q&A with one of our in house artists, Kathryn Lloyd as we learn a bit more about her and her art. Kathryn normally works behind the scenes at Art Nest and helps to ensure that classes run smoothly. We hope these series of interviews inspire others to follow their paths in their respective creative field(s). Read on and be inspired! Art Nest: When did you realize you had an interest in art? Kathryn: I discovered that I had an interest in Art after I had taken an International Baccalaureate Art Course in

Five Tips On Creating A Vision Board

Are you a visual person? Do you incorporate visualization to help you to focus on and realize your dreams and goals? Have you ever considered using a Vision Board? A Vision Board utilizes a collection of images to provide a visual representation of your goals that can help you to realize those goals. Here are five tips to consider for starting and continuing with a Vision Board. Determine a Theme Determine whether you want your Vision Board to have a specific theme. For instance, you may want your Vision Board to focus on travel, or your career goals or on only your financial dreams. Deciding on a theme will help you to create a more concise Vision Board and may help you not to feel overwh

Five Tips to Get Your Art Featured in an Art Gallery

You’ve been working on your masterpieces for years, displayed them on social media with great feedback from your followers. You now want to make that next step in showing your immediate (or international) community your art work. Maybe you want to increase the visibility of your art to a specific group or clientele, or maybe you just want to drum up some sales. We think ultimately, as artists, we all love to be paid for our work so that we can buy supplies to create even more! If the aforementioned scenarios described you in any way, we’ve put together five tips on what you need to do to get your artwork featured in an art gallery. Prepare an Artist’s Bio We know, we know – you’re an artist,

Feature Friday: Outlandish Cayman

If you’ve been to Art Nest at our current location on Maclendon Drive, you will undoubtedly have met the face behind Outlandish. Jasmin Sumaroo is a prolific artist and artisan who designs and creates unique jewelry and plushie toys. She teaches various pour methods in the Fluid Art classes as well as DIY crafts and also leads Sunday Sewing classes at Art Nest. As busy as Jasmin is, we were happy to carve some time out of her schedule for our Q&A session to go behind the brand of Outlandish. Art Nest: What was your profession/career before you founded Outlandish? Outlandish: I was an Insurance Administrator for thirteen years. When I was in middle school, I started off at the insurance compa

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