Feature Friday – Michelle M. Bryan

Michelle M. Bryan is a local artist who specializes in watercolor art. It has been Art Nest’s pleasure to witness Michelle blossom as an artist whose work is now being viewed all over Cayman and internationally, getting the recognition and praise it so deserves. In our interview with Michelle, we find out where she draws her inspiration from as well as where she finds the time to practice her art. Read on to get a more in-depth view of the artist and her beautiful art. Art Nest: When did your interest for art manifest itself? Michelle: My interest in art manifested from a very early age - as early as 5 years old. I remember loving art class at Bodden Town Primary School days. There was paint

Feature Friday - Butterfly Kisses Cayman

Butterfly Kisses Cayman is a new local business, founded by Jerrica Watt, specializing in jewelry design and creation with somewhat of an island twist. As Art Nest will be the first retailer to feature this line, we wanted to give our readers and customers a chance to find out more about the line and the person behind the jewelry. Art Nest: What is the story behind your brand, Butterfly Kisses? Does it have a special significance? Jerrica: I wanted to make jewelry and accessories that would be fun, charming, and chic. The name came about from my love of butterflies and went well with my personality which I wanted to be reflected in my brand. The brand is also very affordable while still gi

Creative & meaningful gifts to give this year

Do you want your gifts to be meaningful and creative this year? We have a variety of unique gifts that will be sure to bring joy to all. No batteries needed and the experience and skills will last a lifetime! CANVAS & COCKTAILS PAINTING CLASSES Do you know someone who wants to learn to paint in a fun, relaxed, judgment-free zone and produce a piece of art you they can be proud of!? Gift individual classes for CI$50 each or buy a set of 4 classes and get the 5th one free! Price: $200 (value $250). Can be used for a group of 5 people or individual classes. Includes a 2.5 hour session with step by step instructions, small plates, art materials, aprons and supplies. Guests can also upgrade to a

The Benefits of Art for the Elderly Population

Creativity is not only for the youth – the elderly population can benefit greatly from participating in creative activities such as the visual arts. According to a study published in Psychology Today (1) in 2009, the “aging brain is more distractible and somewhat more dis-inhibited than the younger brain.” That study showed that an elderly person was more likely be express more creative freedom than their younger counterpart. Like the creative mind, the aging mind shows that they are able to use their broadening focus to creatively problem solve – and that’s what creativity is all about. So shouldn’t there be more creative programs for the elderly population in our community? Absolutely! Art

Four Fun Tips for Painting with Acrylics for Beginners

Learning to use a new medium, such as acrylic paints, to express your creativity can be a fun and freeing experience. Acrylic paints are relatively inexpensive, easy to use, and unlike oil paints, you won’t need a well-ventilated space to use them in. Just grab your paints, paintbrushes, a bowl of water and some paper towel along with your painting surface and you’ll be good to go. But just before you do, here are four fun tips that a beginner may not be aware of. Utilize Canvas Boards As an artist, you may sometimes get attached to the investment you made on a big canvas and that attachment may stifle your creativity. If this is you, then canvas boards are the way to go. Compared to wrapped

How to Maintain Creativity While in a Full-time Job

There are the fortunate creatives out there who get to work on their creative projects full-time. Then there are those creatives who have a full-time job to help fund their creative projects (among other things). If the job is a particularly non-creative one, it can be hard to keep those creative juices flowing and one may experience a creative block. Work days may be long and stressful, commute included, so finding time to pursue one’s creative passions may seem nigh on impossible. This doesn’t have to be so. We’ve collated five tips that will serve to remind you that there’s always time and ways to be creative. Find Inspiration in Even Little Things As creatives, we draw inspiration from j

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