Feature Friday - Miss Lassie

The Cayman Islands celebrates National Heroes Day every January on the fourth Monday of the month. The focus or theme of each Heroes Day is different from year to year as well as the people honored, making this holiday a unique one for our beloved isles. What a creative way to honor our people! This year the focus will be on the Vestrymen and Justices of Peace who were instrumental in the creation of the Coat of Arms. For this post, are going slightly off theme as we would like to highlight one of our own local heroes in gaining art recognition for the Cayman Islands: Miss Gladwyn K. Bush, also known as Miss Lassie. On Intuition Miss Lassie was a late bloomer when it came to painting. She fi

Tip Tuesday - Sleep to Boost Creativity

#TipTuesday Sleep to boost creativity! I bet you thought that burning the midnight oil was the best way to boost creativity. You’d be wrong. Sleep helps our minds to restructure ideas in a way that a tired brain would probably never think of. Have you ever noticed that great ideas come to you in your sleep? They do! Maybe you’ve not been paying attention. As Neil Gaiman, author of several books, said, “[people] get ideas all the time. The only difference between writers and other people is that we notice when we’re doing it.” This holds true for other creatives as well. To help you to get a better night’s sleep here a few quick tips: Power down electronics! Yes we know, you think your phone

Feature Friday - Beneil Miller

The wise philosopher Plato once said: "music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything." In this feature, we were able to delve into the imagination and art of the man, Beneil Miller, whose notes resonate with us long after hearing them. Beneil is an instructor at Spark! School of Performing Arts and a prolific musician. His beats are distinctly island vibes infused with smooth, mellow tones. Read on as we take you on a musical journey into the back story of Beneil's creativity. Art Nest: What lead you to the decision to pursue a creative career in the musical arts? Beneil: When I was about 13 or so I was about to move on to high school

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