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2021 Creative Gifts

Have you been searching for meaningful gifts to give this year? Experiences are becoming the preferred choices and for good reason - materials things come and go, but memories last a lifetime. Give the art lover or aspiring creative the gift of creativity this year! Choose from a variety of unique gifts below that will be sure to bring joy to all.

1. Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates in any amount can be applied to any event, class or retail items at our studio. This includes painting classes, art supplies, artwork and crafts for sale. Can also be used for private art lessons or glaze cafe ceramics pottery studio purchases.

2. OASIS Creative Wellness Retreat (Jan 21 – 25)

Are you ready to step into your full creativity and purpose? Based on Julia Cameron’s highly acclaimed “Artist’s Way” book, this 4-day retreat will lead you out of the desert of doubt into an Oasis of abundant creativity and flow in your life. This long weekend is not just for traditional artists or writers, but anyone who wants to reclaim or discover a creative spark in life and explore their interests and passions again.

The flow of the weekend will include a mix of hands-on creative exploration, workshop training, bonding, relaxation, movement, meditation, sharing circles, free time, and a variety of mobile spa services to choose from.

The retreat is valued at well over $3,500 but we are offering a holiday discount for CI$2,400 if you purchase before Dec 31. Makes a great gift for the person who would prefer an experience instead of material things and values finding purpose and passion in life.

Participants will be staying in exciting, new luxury accommodations in Grand Cayman with private beach and pool for the entire long weekend, a gorgeous and safe setting where they will unlock their creative potential and discover things they might not even know are waiting to surface.

3. Art Nest Membership Packages

Purchase 1 month ($350), 2 month ($650) or 3 month (CI$950) memberships and give the art lover in your life the ultimate creative experience. These packages are designed to allow recipients to try their hand at multiple creative disciplines to discover what they enjoy the most.

Monthly memberships include 6 potential experiences: 1 Fluid Art Class, 1 Acrylic or Watercolour Painting Class, 1 Pottery Wheel Workshop, 1 Craft or Pottery Painting class, 1 class of their choice and the 6th experience is FREE! Members don’t have to apply their membership in this way if they wish to do more of one class than others, we can accommodate custom requests within the value of the membership fee.

Although memberships must be used within the month they were purchased for, the value of the membership can be applied to classes for a group to attend one class, a private party*, or to bring a friend to an event or gifting some of their membership to someone else. *terms and conditions apply

4. Canvas & Cocktails Package ($200)

Do you know someone who wants to learn to paint in a fun, relaxed, judgment-free zone and produce a piece of art you they can be proud of!? Gift individual classes for CI$50 each or buy a set of 4 classes and get the 5th one free! Price: $200 (value $250). Can be used for a group of 5 people or individual classes. Includes a 2.5 hour session with step by step instructions, art materials, aprons and supplies.

4. Wheel & Wine Pottery Workshop Package for 6 ($450)

This package for 6 spots in one session where you will save CI$30 off retail price. Have you always wanted to try throwing clay on a pottery wheel? Now you can! Workshop includes wheel throwing lesson, making your own ceramic pot (including clay and firing), second glazing session before the second firing. You will be taught how to center and make a small clay vessel which you can come back to the studio paint once fired the first time (usually takes 7 - 10 days for first firing). The vessel/bowl will have to be fired for a final time after painted (another 7 days).

5. Clay Club ($99 per month)

Clay Club Membership is a perfect gift for those who have attended a pottery wheel workshop with us or have previous intermediate pottery wheel or clay hand-building experience. Although an instructor is on hand, this is really a time for those who want to practice their new (or existing) throwing or hand-building skills. Must be willing to learn wheel cleaning and studio maintenance as each member is required to clean up after themselves (We will also provide a list of club rules, so potters know what is expected).

$99 a month gives Clay Club members 8 hrs studio time per month (which they can book during designated open studio times - usually one evening and one morning per week so members can choose the session that suits), 5lbs of clay, glazes and kiln firing. Additional clay can be purchased in blocks of 5 lbs for under CI$20.

6. Fluid Art Lovers Package ($275)

Give four (4) fluid art sessions for the novice or experienced fluid artist in your life. Save $25 off the retail value when you purchase this package. Participants can pay additional should the fluid art class they select exceed the value of this package price.

7. Date Night Package ($240)

Save $20 off regular retail rates when you purchase this Date Night Bundle consisting of a Wheel & Wine Pottery Workshop and Couples Paint Night. We’re even throwing in a complimentary glass of wine!

At the Wheel & Wine Pottery Wheel Workshop you will learn to make your own ceramic pot (including clay, 1stf kiln firing, glazing and 2nd firing),

At the Couples’ Painting class, you and your partner will paint two canvases that come together to form one cohesive painting (called a diptych). Choose two dates (1 per workshop) to attend within a 6-month time frame.

8. Build a Bullet Journal Workshop - Sun, January 30th ($89)

Start 2022 off right by getting organised or taking your organisational skills to the next level.

This workshop will teach you to build a custom Bullet Journal that will keep EVERYTHING in one place and help you stay organised and reach your goals. It's a planner, diary, journal, goal tracker, list logger and calendar for just about everything in your life. For CI$89 you get an official hard cover, dotted bullet journal (choose from a variety of colours) and pack of stabilo colour pens, step by step guidance by an experienced Bullet Journaller as to how to Build Your BuJo, stickers, washi tape and printables. You will also have access to washi tape, stickers, pens and other necessities during the course on Sun, 9 January.

9. Art Supply Kits

We have curated specialty kits to help you get the most from your art supplies so you don't have to wonder which supplies go together. Available kits include Acrylic Painting, Alcohol Ink, Resin fluid art, Candle Making and Watercolour.

Whilst some of the kits come with instructions, and many are used in the classes we teach, we are working on releasing tutorial videos for how to use these art supplies shortly. We also have gotten a new stock of resin from MAS Epoxies.

Shop all art supplies here:

10. Art Subscription Boxes

These monthly boxes filled with art supplies, crafts and projects will fuel your creative fire year round. Each month features different art supplies, mediums and instructional videos and/or worksheets This way you can try supplies you would never usually buy before deciding if you want to commit to larger art supply purchases and try new projects you wouldn't normally have thought of.

Art Box plans: $50 monthly/ $125 for 3 months/ $250 for 6 months/ $525 for the year. Please specify whether your box is for a Child or Adult so we can curate contents accordingly.

Each monthly box will be available for delivery in the first week of each month or pick up at our centrally located studio in Elizabethan Square, 80 Shedden Road.

11. Glaze Café Pottery Painting Studio ($25 and up)

Give a gift certificate starting at $25 and recipients can choose a pottery piece from the largest selection on island and custom paint it! View gallery of pieces currently in stock HERE.

12. Vision Board Workshop (Sunday, Jan 9 2022 at 3:00pm) ($75)

This is a great gift for someone who has goals and plans for 2022 that they want to accomplish but don’t quite know how to get there. In this Vision Board workshop participants will follow guided instructions to create a powerful vision board (complete with goals and timelines) using a variety of art mediums including markers, collage and paint.

CI$75 per person includes a 2.5 hour session with step by step instructions, art materials, supplies and visioning exercises.

14. 4-week watercolour course ($250): 10, 17, 31 Jan & 7 Feb 2021

This 4 week in person course is suitable for complete beginners and improvers who would like to learn to paint in Watercolour and: * learn to prepare your watercolour paper and paints and mix colours. * learn a variety of watercolour techniques including, washes, wet in wet, graded, dry brush Flat Wash, Loose watercolour see photos, we will cover a variety of subjects. * will be taught live by an art instructor with step- by -step demonstrations and clear explanations of the various stages. * Student artists will then carry the various tasks alongside the instructor who will be at hand for any questions that you may have.

15. Creative Wellness Team Building or Creative Team Socials

These workshops are designed to provide those in high stress jobs with a creative outlet to reduce and process stress in a healthy way. It also helps the HR departments of companies offer more value to their team members in a fun and exciting new way. To learn more about our Creativity & Wellness workshops, download our brochure here:

All gifts can be purchased online here:


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