Our Creative Team Building Events have increased in popularity over the years as business owners begin to understand the many benefits it has to the company and its employees. Below we touch upon just some of those benefits;

  • Increased Motivation  

  • Improves teamwork 

  • Boosts Morale

  • Improves Communication

  • Increases Productivity

1) Painting Party - $55 per person: (each guest follows step by step instructions and paints their own canvas to take home. We provide an Art Catalouge for your team to choose a piece to learn to paint)
2) Pouring Party - $65 per person: (each guest learns how to make fluid art using acrylic paints. NB* Takes 2-3 days to cure and must be collected after event)

3) Plant Party - $75 per person (each guest learns all the science behind terrariums and design their very own open terrarium with succulents to take home)
4) Pottery Painting Party - $60 (guests will choose from a variety of pre-made ceramic pieces to paint. NB* Pieces must be fired in a kiln and will be available for collection 4-7 days after the event)

5) Candle Making - $65 per person (guests will learn the art of making candles from soy wax and take home their own custom scented candle)

6) Clay Play - $65 per person (guests can choose from hand-building a piece of pottery or learning how to throw pottery on a wheel! NB* this includes two kiln firings and guests will have to return to paint their piece after the first firing and will be fired for a second time).

Want a variety of items for your team to enjoy? Ask about our creative stations events that we can host for client appreciation events or even for you own team.


Please email: EVENTS@ARTNESTCAYMAN.COM to book

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