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'The Business of Art' Symposium and why you need to be there

We are encouraging all established and aspiring artists to attend the upcoming symposium ‘The Business of Art’ that The National Gallery is hosting on Sunday, 21 May starting at 8:30am.

Whether you are an emerging creative, hoping to learn how to make your art or creative talents into a career or are already an established professional artist, we are confident that all attendees will learn something new and inspiring culminating in a better understanding of the business side of the creative industries.

Here are 5 reasons you need to be at this event:

1. Explore how you can build a sustainable business around your talent

Starting a business can seem daunting. Come learn the tricks of the trade from those who know how to get it done. You will hear stories of how people turned their side hustle and passion for art and creative talents into a viable business. Even if you think you’re years away from creating a business around your art, it’s never too early to start exploring the avenues to get you there.

2. Network with international art professionals

This is a rare opportunity to have face time with art professionals who have established themselves in Caribbean and internationally. Visiting professionals hail from places like New York, Miami, Jamaica and Barbados, who bring with them a wealth of knowledge and experience.

3. Gain professional insights on how to find representation and connect to new opportunities

Ask questions and get answers about what you should be looking for in a person or company who wants to represent you and your work. Some questions you will want to ask include how much commission does an art gallery charge for selling your work and what are they actively doing to market your work. Long gone are the days of retail art stores just hanging paintings on the wall and expecting them to sell themselves. In this digital age, artists should be expecting more from those representing them.

You can also learn about artist residency opportunities across the Caribbean as there will be representatives from organizations who have been running residency programmes for years. One of the presenters, Deborah Anzinger is the Director of New Local Space in Jamaica, which boasts a few different types of artist residency programmes.

4. Learn how to market your creative art practice and protect your work through local IP and copyright laws

Contrary to popular belief, there is an Intellectual Property law in place in the Cayman Islands and with the recent amendments to that law, it is now easier to protect your work. A presentation by the Cayman Islands Intellectual Property office is sure to answer many questions and bring to light many facts that artists may not be aware of (like the fact that copyright arises the minute an artistic work is created!). Come learn more about these exciting principles and how they apply to you and your work.

5. Mingle with Cayman’s creative community

Get out there and interact with other local artists and creatives! Cayman’s art community is small and ideal for the creation of strong networks and nurturing of collaborative opportunities, however many still choose to work in silos. This is a chance to step out of your comfort zone and forge the collaborative links needed to ensure that Cayman ‘s art scene continues to blossom.

We are confident that the return on investment will be well worth it! Email to book your space!

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