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Feature Friday: Cera-Tan Kennaird

Our vision of collaborating and connecting artists (and even those who don’t realize yet that they are artists!) to their creativity is being fulfilled and we couldn’t be happier about it. Today we feature a resident artist of Art Nest Creative Studio so that, as a community, you may share in our vision and it may just spark that inspiration that you’ve been seeking.

Cera-Tan Kennaird is a South African artist and muralist who, a year ago, decided to take a big leap of faith and relocate to Grand Cayman. In this feature we sit down for a Q&A session to get an insight into Cera-Tan and her art.

Art Nest: How long have you been an artist?

Cera-Tan: I have been an artist since I was a child, it runs in the blood. My grandmother was an artist, my uncle is an incredible wildlife artist, photographer cousins, but I got it from my mama Caryl Park - she is the most incredible artist I know. And that’s not because she’s my mom, she really is an incredible artist!.

Art Nest: When did you start taking art more seriously?

Cera-Tan: I took art more seriously in high school, and dabbled in it while I studied and pursued my career in hairdressing and makeup. I have only recently, in the past month, fully embraced my artistic talent to create full-time.

Art Nest: What made you take up painting as your mode of creativity?

Cera-Tan: Over years of experimenting with various mediums I have developed a personal style that incorporates drawing and painting. I have not put any of these up for sale as of yet, but you will find this style at KAABOO Cayman next year as I will be one of the artists exhibiting there. Otherwise all of my commissions have required me to paint them and I have enjoyed every moment of those.

Art Nest: How would you describe your style?

Cera-Tan: I think its important to know that I am very versatile and that my style and mediums will always change according to each project I put my attention to. So I’ve painted portraits to large wildlife murals.

Art Nest: When did you paint your first mural?

Cera-Tan: I was commissioned to do my first mural in South Africa about four years ago and have recently completed one here on island.

Art Nest: Have you had formal art training before? If yes, what/where?

Cera-Tan: The only "training" I have had was at school in South Africa. I left my school to go to Damelin Eden Johannesburg to focus on my art. I was a top student in all my art classes: Art, Design and Graphic Art.

Art Nest: How did you hear about Art Nest Creative Studio?

Cera-Tan: I had heard about Art Nest in my journey as a hairdresser on the island a few times before I was invited to enter the Mosaic art competition in June.

I entered it really because I thought it was a fun thing to do but to my complete surprise I won the competition! Shortly after that, I was offered a job teaching kids and adults art and commission work for clients. So you can say that the adventure truly begins now with many exciting projects brewing in a bubbling pot of creativity.

Art Nest: What's your vision for your art here on island?

Cera-Tan: My vision it to unite, collaborate and expand the art scene on the island..the rest you will have to stay tuned for.

Art Nest: Where can the community view your art work?

Cera-Tan: I’ve recently returned from Texas painting murals and dog portraits so I haven’t had much time to create my personal portfolio here on island. I am, however, working on my first body of work between projects and hope to have more work up at Art Nest as well as in top galleries who would like to showcase my work. That’s my ultimate goal.

Cera-Tan has art that’s showcased in our studio so visit us to see her artwork and meet the artist. You may also find her on social media (Instagram and Facebook) with the handle @ceratanartist.

Watch this space as we feature more artists in our Feature Friday slot!

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