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Top 5 reasons to send your child to Art Nest Camps

At Art Nest, our camp leaders think of ourselves as extensions of you as parents. As such, it is one of our greatest purposes to provide a safe, yet fun, environment for children to express their creativity and spread their wings. It gives us deep satisfaction to know that parents have trusted us for years to help nurture their children's creativity. It's what has helped us to narrowed down a few of the reasons to send your child to an Art Nest Camp!

1. Proven Track Record

Our camp leaders have over 25 years combined experience leading children’s programmes and camps. Based on all this experience we know what works and what doesn’t and are able to provide amazing programming that gives children the right amount of autonomy to create in a fun environment, balanced with the right amount of structure. Although we have well planned daily activities, we try to give children the creative freedom to intuitively navigate projects and put their individual stamp on each piece of artwork or project they do. 2. Quality & Safety

Our camp leaders have been trained in CPR and Darkness to Light child safety training. Our founder is even a trained lifeguard and is always with the children on water days! We have been fortunate to never have had any serious injuries but if one ever arises our team will know how to handle it. We also have a 6 to 1 child/leader ratio to ensure that campers get the individualized attention they deserve. When it comes to nutritional wellness, our campers know that they must have a piece of fruit before they can have any other type of snack. Other snacks are organic, and we try our best to be a nut-free camp. We are very aware of campers dietary/medical needs with a list of allergies and requirements being posted in the snack area for leaders to review before each snack time. In addition to sunblock, natural insect repellant and kids’ water bottles, we also take a first aid kit and list of parent contact details anytime we go outdoors.

3. Location and amenities

Our camp is based in our centrally located studio on MacLendon drive (behind Foster’s Airport store). We take advantage of the surrounding amenities like two green spaces right outside our doors as well as the Airport Park across the street. We have a specific system for stopping traffic every day (with 2 very large stop signs to boot!) in order to carefully escort children across the street to the park. We have been using this system for the two years we’ve been in our current location and it works like a charm! The best part is that the kids love having time to play on all the equipment in the park and burn off some energy before getting back to the planned indoor activities.

4. Kid-approved activities

Kids love the fun filled schedule we plan for them at each camp. This is evidenced by the number of repeat campers we get each time. We provide opportunities for kids to make creative messes at our studio, much to parents’ relief. There is usually an exciting new art-meets-science technique (like fluid art, new slime technique or other STEAM activities) that captures their imagination. They also make new friends at camp and love games and fun treats we throw in like karaoke and glow in the dark parties.

5. Incredible Value

The amount of added value we provide for the cost of registration fees goes without saying, however we’ll take the opportunity to spell it out here a little for you. Our camp fee includes healthy snacks, lunch, art materials and supplies, instructor fees and field trips (where applicable). All of that for a very reasonable price. Broken down hourly, you will quickly see that all your getting for rates comparable with basic babysitting rates (around CI$11 an hour) is very impressive (NB this is for multi-day registration. Daily drop in rates are understandably a bit higher). Other camps of a similar calibre usually offer shorter hours (ie half days) for same or more than our full day rate. We also offer affordable aftercare (an additional $20 per day) from 3pm to 5pm for those parents who need it (provided we have 4 kids registered for aftercare). Lastly, we try to help out parents with multiple children by offering sibling discounts.

To register online for camps and download camp schedules please visit our website:


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