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6 creative Father's Day Gifts

What do you give a dad who has it all? Memorable experiences and handmade gifts!! We're celebrating the Dads this month with 6 great creative gift ideas for Father's Day. Check out all the options including a Kid's Gift Making Workshop, Dad & Me pottery wheel class, Woodworking Workshop and a Classic Mustang Painting Class to name a few.

Want your kids to make something for Dad, but it to not look like it came from an episode of “Nailed it”? At this gift making workshop kids will have four projects to choose from that Dad’s will cherish and find useful:

- Drink/Tool Caddy ($55): This handmade wooden caddy made by a local woodworker can either be used for drinks, beers, tool or a desk organizer for pens. Kids will get to choose colour and customize it with words, names or sayings. - Craft Photo Frame ($25): This keepsake will be a nice one for Dad to keep on his desk or in a special place. - Dad Mug ($20): Kids can customise a ceramic mug using permanent markers. We will provide instructions on how to bake the mug when you get home to seal the colours in place and make it food safe. - Dad string art sign ($35): A pre-drilled/nailed sign that kids can choose custom string colours and even paint in custom colours will be sure to light Dad's heart up. - Paint pottery for Dad (price depends on size of piece - pay on arrival for this option): Choose any of our ceramic pieces to customize for Dad. If it’s painted at this event, we can guarantee collection of the piece before Father’s Day.

Instructors will be on hand to help guide your little ones as they make meaningful things for their fathers, along with tools, materials and aprons. We will have some light snacks at this event, but please feel free to bring any other drinks or snacks you wish. (Please note: quantities of each are limited, so offer is good as long as supplies last!)

Dad & Me Pottery Wheel Workshop (6 June & 20 June (Two Sessions available))

This “Dad & Me” Pottery Wheel Workshop is ideal for adventurous Dads and Kids who want to learn a cool, new skill while spending time together. This is a part of our Summer Sale on Pottery Wheel classes which are being sold at a discounted rate of $70 per person for the month of June! Parent and Child bookings encouraged! MUST BE BOOKED IN PAIRS (2 ppl)! This two-part workshop includes clay, instructions, supplies, two kiln firings, and glazes. Max class size: 6 (or 3 pairs).

You will be taught how to center and make a small clay vessel which you can come back to the studio paint once fired the first time (usually takes 7 - 10 days for first firing). The vessel/bowl will have to be fired for a final time after painted (another 7 days).

Come paint this classic car for or with Dad (or buy him a gift certificate to this class as a gift!)

Includes step by step instructions, 12 x 16 canvas panel, materials, and aprons. Beer, wine and soft drinks will be available for sale at class.

Ceramic Pottery Painted Gift

Paint pottery for Dad (price depends on size of piece - pay on arrival for this option): Choose any of our ceramic pieces to customize for Dad. If it’s painted by June 6, we can guarantee collection of the piece before Father’s Day. Woodworking Workshop: Tool Box

You can purchase gift certificates for this class for Dad. Makes a great Father's Day Gift! In this workshop our Guest Instructor Ethan Kirkman of Indigo Wood Crafts will teach you how to sand, stain/paint, glue, nail together a wooden tool box which can also be used for a number of things in addition to tools (including a planter box, plant/gardening caddy, art supply caddy, etc). Includes step by step instructions, materials, tools and aprons. Bring any food or drink you wish.

This experience-based gift is a creative way to make fun memories with those you love. Intervals of $50 available (Certificates can be applied to classes, most of which cost $50 per person)

Once certificates are purchased via our online portal, you will be sent a digital certificate which you can print out or send on to your recipient electronically. This certificate can be applied to any of our classes, workshops and art supplies. The certificate is good for an entire year from the date of purchase, so Dad will have time to choose which class, event or product he spends it on!

Most of these gifts can be purchased online via our ONLINE BOOKING SYSTEM


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