Pumpkins and classes and flair - Oh My!

Our creatives (that’s you) are in for a treat with these ten new and exciting programmes that are being rolled out for October. We promise that we have something here for everyone aged 8 to 88. You won’t want to miss out on what we have in store. You can look forward to bringing out the videographer in you, plant the seeds for a budding relationship with the Marvel or DC family, build your own plant world, take a magic carpet ride, study in a Master class with an internationally renowned artist, have a creative brunch with friends, and unwind with some hip swinging fun! Excited? Of course you are! Read on as we further explore each new event.

1. Intro to Video Production

Are you a vlogger? A budding film-maker? Or maybe you’re just interested in shooting professional-looking videos. In this three-day introductory course, you will learn the techniques of shooting and editing videos by Freddy Diaz of FD Media.

This course spans 3 days so you will receive a lot of individualised attention as the class is capped at 12 people.

Don't miss out on learning from Adjunct professor Freddy Diaz.

2. Comic Book Club

So you didn’t like the ending of Infinity Wars (neither did we!) – here’s your opportunity to write an ending that you’d like to see! Comic Book Club is a new afterschool club on Mondays which is geared towards children aged 8 and above, but of course if you’re young at art and a total comic book geek (that’s a good thing!), then you’ll be right at home here.

$35 per session starting on Monday, October 9 at 3:30pm. #ComicBookClubCayman

3. Plant Party - Succulent Terrarium Workshop

Watch your creativity take root and grow in a creative space at this plant party. At Plant Party you will learn the basic foundation of building an open terrarium and to design and construct a terrarium using succulent plants. You will learn how terrarium works and how to take care of them going forward. All materials will be provided for you in one place and you will have the opportunity to be as basic as you’d like or to glam it up with accessories. What’s best is that you get to take home your amazing creation and boast about your newly found green thumb!