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Pumpkins and classes and flair - Oh My!

Our creatives (that’s you) are in for a treat with these ten new and exciting programmes that are being rolled out for October. We promise that we have something here for everyone aged 8 to 88. You won’t want to miss out on what we have in store. You can look forward to bringing out the videographer in you, plant the seeds for a budding relationship with the Marvel or DC family, build your own plant world, take a magic carpet ride, study in a Master class with an internationally renowned artist, have a creative brunch with friends, and unwind with some hip swinging fun! Excited? Of course you are! Read on as we further explore each new event.

1. Intro to Video Production

Are you a vlogger? A budding film-maker? Or maybe you’re just interested in shooting professional-looking videos. In this three-day introductory course, you will learn the techniques of shooting and editing videos by Freddy Diaz of FD Media.

This course spans 3 days so you will receive a lot of individualised attention as the class is capped at 12 people.

Don't miss out on learning from Adjunct professor Freddy Diaz.

2. Comic Book Club

So you didn’t like the ending of Infinity Wars (neither did we!) – here’s your opportunity to write an ending that you’d like to see! Comic Book Club is a new afterschool club on Mondays which is geared towards children aged 8 and above, but of course if you’re young at art and a total comic book geek (that’s a good thing!), then you’ll be right at home here.

$35 per session starting on Monday, October 9 at 3:30pm. #ComicBookClubCayman

3. Plant Party - Succulent Terrarium Workshop

Watch your creativity take root and grow in a creative space at this plant party. At Plant Party you will learn the basic foundation of building an open terrarium and to design and construct a terrarium using succulent plants. You will learn how terrarium works and how to take care of them going forward. All materials will be provided for you in one place and you will have the opportunity to be as basic as you’d like or to glam it up with accessories. What’s best is that you get to take home your amazing creation and boast about your newly found green thumb!

4. Master Classes with John Broad

Have you ever wandered through an art gallery and saw a piece of artwork and thought “I wish I could do that!” Well now you can. Art Nest is excited to partner with a local artist in the first of our Master Class series. John Broad is a renowned artist both locally in Cayman and internationally. He studied at the Edinburgh College of Art and taught in Vanuatu in the Pacific before relocating to the Cayman Islands. John is responsible for the beautiful, historic mural in George Town on Albert Panton Street. His paintings, which utilize an impressionistic style filled with vibrant colors, have been on display in the National Gallery of Cayman Islands, the Pacific and in other collections worldwide. In his Master Class, attendees will learn how to recreate one of John’s paintings in his style. And who best to learn from than the master of his own work! The investment of $75 per person includes a 2.5 hour session with step by step instructions, small plates, art materials, aprons and supplies.

5. Brunch and Brushes

What if we told you that you could brunch in a totally different land, in a classy, creative way and you wouldn’t have to pack your bags and get on an airplane? Come out for Sunday Brunch to enjoy delicious foods prepared by Saucha Cayman, enjoy a glass of wine (or juice for the little ones), while also filling your creative appetite and painting ceramic pottery at our new event of Brunch and Brushes. And where does the totally different land come in? Get ready to follow the yellow brick road to the Land of Oz! Who said brunching had to be boring? Each Brunch and Brushes event will be a themed one and the first one in October we will all be on a quest to find the Wizard of Oz. Fancy dress (costume) is optional but such fun! $75 for adults | $45 for children (pottery, food and drink included). #BrunchAndBrushesCayman

6. Disney Themed Canvas & Cocktails

This special Canvas & Cocktails is the beginning of a whole new world for our Disney fanatics! It will take you on magic carpet rides, under the sea, singing on the safari, and living it up in castles.

Once per month, come out to Canvas & Cocktails to paint a Disney-inspired piece. Feel free to sing along to theme music while painting - it’s the Disney thing to do!

7. Pumpkins On Fleek

October is all about ushering in the Fall season, enjoying pumpkin spiced lattes, burning pumpkin-spice scented candles, enjoying pumpkin pies and decorating pumpkins. We will be taking the decorating of your pumpkin to the next level in our Pumpkins on Fleek class. Art Nest instructors will present you with a variety of new, creative ways to make your pumpkins stand out and reflect a unique you by making your pumpkins glamorous. Do you want your pumpkin to be a unicorn, a minion, an emoji? Or maybe you’d like for your pumpkin to enter the Glitterazi Hall of Fame in a sparkle-studded ensemble? Done! Put your pumpkins on fleek however you want to. Pumpkin sizes will range from small to large. The medium and large pumpkins will be available as upgrades so make sure you let us know if you want to be upgraded prior to the class. Small pumpkins - $25, Medium - CI$35, Large - CI$55. Includes materials, supplies, instructions and refreshments #PumpkinsOnFleekCayman

8. Salsa Saturdays

So you think you can’t dance? Have we got news for you: you can! At our monthly event at Salsa Saturdays come and learn the basic steps to dance to salsa, merengue, Latin pop and other Caribbean rhythms in the first half hour. After a half hour lesson from one of our dancers, you will definitely be getting into the swing of things to enjoy the rest of the salsa party. If you’re a seasoned salsa dancer, come out and show off those moves on the dance floor! This event is open to adults aged 21 and above. We will have a free salsa lesson at 9pm with open dance floor to follow at 9:30pm. Come and enjoy the best in Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Latin Pop, Reggaeton and other caribbean rhythms in a unique setting.Free Admission! Cash Bar will be open.

9. Camp Creativity

For all those parents who are looking at the school calendar with a bit of trepidation and anxiety at the upcoming midterm break, don’t worry, we got you! Your little creative angels will be kept engaged throughout the day at Camp Creativity with a variety of activities. They will also have the benefit of going on a field trip at the end of the week for a fun learning activity. Camp will run from 8:30am to 3:00pm with the option of aftercare up till 5:00pm.

Campers will enjoy music, peforming arts, Polymer Clay Sculpting, Drawing, Ceramic Painting, Canvas Painting and Mixed Media including fluid art and slime making. We will also have an inflatable waterslide on the last day for some outdoor fun. $325 full camp | $80 drop in fee | Aftercare available from 3 - 5pm for an additional CI$20 a day Includes lunch, snacks, field trips, transportation & materials Registration online required via the following link:

10. KaraGLOWke (Glow in the Dark Karaoke)

A new and exciting twist on traditional Karaoke, our monthly Glow in the Dark edition will be the highlight of your weekend if you love to belt out tunes and glow sticks.

You can have your face/arms glow painted upon arrival. Then find a cozy spot to watch the action and plan your participation. Admission is free and wine, beer and well drinks will be available for purchase at our bar. Dancing after karaoke. 21 & up.

These are a lot of new things that are being rolled out for October. We know that there’s at least one, or maybe three, or four or all, that have piqued your interest. Which ones will you be taking advantage of? Have you seen our full October calendar?

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