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Three Tips To Engage in Community Arts

Living in Cayman Islands often feels like a blessing. Not to brag, but most times we want to say “we live where people vacation!” This should make it easier or give us an incentive to get involved in this beautiful slice of paradise. The art scene in Cayman has been experiencing quite a boom recently with increased art spaces, art exhibitions and a general welcoming of public art murals. It’s a great time to get involved as a community in the arts scene. Volunteering your time and/or resources can give you a sense of well-being, fulfillment, and will help to foster a feeling of togetherness. Are you wondering how you can get involved? We've collated three top tips in how you can get started in engaging more with your arts community.

Support/buy local! It sounds such a simple thing to do but it’s so very crucial to keep these art and creativity programs going in these local spaces. Buying local will help local business continue to improve how they serve the community. This also helps the local artisans to continue creating high quality, locally made products.

Keep an eye out for local listings. Remember this is not limited to the newspapers but also social media pages. See an art exhibit? Spread the word with friends and family to increase visibility attendance of the event.

Volunteer time and/or resources. Phone your local art organizations to find out how they may need help. You’d be surprised how far a couple hours per week would go. And of course if you can donate financial resources, that would not be frowned up. Remember donations can be given from fundraisers as well as out of pocket.

How do you support and give back to your arts and culture community?

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