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Getting Creative for a Cause

Hello Cayman Creatives! Art Nest is excited to be collaborating with various organizations to get creative for a cause – in this case, three different causes. We wanted to share these community initiatives with you so that you can also lend your creative input. As Helen Keller said: “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

Community Initiative 1: Park Makeover

Our children deserve a safe and beautiful play area to express themselves through movement and creative exploration. This space should be available in all districts across Cayman Islands. Watlers Community Park, which has recently fallen into disrepair, is about to get a makeover, thanks to the collaboration of a few organizations. The Rotary Club of Grand Cayman is spearheading the makeover and Art Nest is on board with this initiative as the designers and muralists. Here’s how you can get involved:

  • If you would like to assist with the mural painting show up to Watlers Community Park on 3rd November 2018 to give your support and assist with the painting.

Community Initiative 2: Cayman Bottle Cap Drive

Cayman International School (CIS) has partnered with Plastic Free Cayman to help raise awareness regarding recycling and using less plastic. Other schools and business organizations have now joined the drive by doing beach clean-ups and collecting all discarded bottle caps. On 23rd March 2019 there will be a Grand Cap Cleaning for all bottle caps found and the caps will go towards creating a beautiful art mural. The location of the final artwork is yet to be decided but this is a great project to get on board with for its educational benefit and bringing the community together. Here’s how you can get involved:

  • Organize a beach clean-up to collect bottle caps or simply collect bottle caps where-ever you find them

  • Deposit bottle caps in named bins at Art Nest Creative Studio

  • Follow @caymanbottlecapdrive on Instagram and keep checking our Facebook page (@artnestcayman) for further updates

Community Initiative 3: Yello Go Green Design

Yello is committed to going green. Their directory is made out of 100% recycled paper, with all old directories being collected and recycled. Yello is also committed to “keep it local” by partnering with Art Nest to give their wooden directory racks a new design. We are going that one step farther by extending this to the wider creative community. The design’s theme will focus on sustainability and going green in Cayman.

Here’s how you can get involved:

  • Submit design idea to by no later than 6 November 2018. Please keep in mind that the wooden racks are 1 ft wide x 3 ft high.

Are you still on the fence about taking part in a community initiative? You may be wondering why should you invest your time into something that will not give you a monetary reward. Here are three top reasons why we think it is important to participate in whatever capacity you can:

  1. Increased sense of responsibility. Whether you accept it or not, we are all responsible for the improvement of our community. It’s never a task that’s up to one individual or organization.

  2. Builds relationship. Many would like to think that in Cayman, we live in our own little bubble. Taking part in community initiatives will help you to build healthy relationships with the wider community. You may be surprised at how invaluable your time will be to someone else.

  3. Leaving a legacy! This is your opportunity to shine, to pat yourself on the back, show your kids, cousins, friends, visitors to the island that “I helped to create that.” The sense of achievement and leaving a worthwhile legacy behind is priceless.

We look forward to your participation in any or all of the above events. And remember, it takes a community to care for a community!

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