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Top 3 Reasons to be Conscious of your Collective

Are you aware that we are essentially who we surround ourselves with? Do you believe that your environment plays a role in how we behave, the places we go, and even the successes we experience? We believe this to be true and studies have also shown that surrounding yourself and spending quality time with people who are working to achieve the same goals as you, will put you in a better mind-set to carry through with those goals.

“Surround yourself with people who have dreams, desires and ambition; they’ll help you push for and realize your own.” ~~ Anonymous

However, we encourage you to take it even further by NOT ONLY surrounding yourself with like-minded people, but also spending quality time with people who may not think the same as you do, people who challenge your thinking and lead you to seek out the many ‘whys’ to your vision. This may come in especially handy for entrepreneurs. This doesn’t mean that you should spend time with those who would seek to discourage you! That’s what we mean by being conscious of your collective – it’s being inherently aware of the benefits of surrounding yourself with people who will help to forward their vision.

Here we have collated the top three benefits of being a conscious about our collective:

1. Inspiration

Have you ever noticed that when you are around someone or a group of people who share the same passion as you do, you draw inspiration from them? If you are a writer and you attend a writing retreat with other writers you will be amazed at the material for your project (s) that you will come away with.

2. Support

People who are on the same creative wavelength as you are, tend to offer great support and encouragement. Creatives love seeing other creatives succeed! The other benefit of a support system is that you have a wealth of resources at hand. We can all attest that the right resources can set us on the path to success.

3. Accountability

Accountability – We understand – our busy lives can sometimes get in the way of us achieving our goals or achieving them within a time that we set for ourselves. However, when we are conscious in who we attune ourselves with, they can help to hold us accountable. And accountability may be just what you need to stay on track with your goals.


Are there any other reasons that you can identify why it’s important for creatives to be conscious of their collective? Do you purposely surround yourself with like-minded people? Have you recognized any benefits from doing so? Please comment and share so that we may all learn from each other – collectively.

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