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Five Tips On Creating A Vision Board

Are you a visual person? Do you incorporate visualization to help you to focus on and realize your dreams and goals? Have you ever considered using a Vision Board? A Vision Board utilizes a collection of images to provide a visual representation of your goals that can help you to realize those goals. Here are five tips to consider for starting and continuing with a Vision Board.

Determine a Theme Determine whether you want your Vision Board to have a specific theme. For instance, you may want your Vision Board to focus on travel, or your career goals or on only your financial dreams. Deciding on a theme will help you to create a more concise Vision Board and may help you not to feel overwhelmed by the task. Gather Images There are so many options for images that you’ll want to add to your vision board. The internet is an invaluable resource for images to be printed out. Glossy magazine photos may be more appealing to you or you may even prefer to draw or paint your own images or even take photographs yourself (this last one works great if, for example, it’s a car that you’re working towards). And of course who can deny the awesomeness of Pinterest!

Add Your Image In thinking about images to place on your Vision Board, you may forget to add your own. However, adding your own image next to an image of something you desire, will serve as a reminder that YOU can achieve that goal or desire. Vision Boards are not just about your goals, they should be about you as well. Be Creative

Remember that your Vision Board doesn’t have to be flat images (although if that suits you, that’s fine as well). Being as creative as you want to be with your Vision Board can be something as simple as adding different textures. Fabric, swatches of upholstery, found items all work perfectly for adding different textures. To make your board stand out even more you may want to add dimension. You could do this by placing certain of your images on a mount or spring. Jazz it up (or not) however you feel to. After all, your Vision Board should be a reflection of you.

Prominent Placement Place your Vision Board somewhere that you have frequent access. It would defeat the purpose of having a board of it’s not constantly in your line of vision and placed somewhere in the back of your closet. To go along with this, we would also recommend that you take some time to peruse through the goals and desires on your board to help cement these in your conscious mind and helps you to recommit to those goals.

Whatever you do, have fun with your Vision Board and remember to always celebrate your wins along the way. Sometimes goals don’t manifest themselves in our lives exactly how we imagine but keep striving to achieve them! Have you ever created a Vision Board? Did it help you to realize your goals and desires? Share your experience with using a Vision Board so that we may all learn from each other. Happy creating!

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